Gospel Music Industry Hub

Mentoring Program

GMI Hub provides access to experienced gospel music industry members. The established and successful can share their “golden nuggets” towards success with the up and coming artists.

This is a work in progress that will grow in size as the membership of GMI Hub expands into all facets of the gospel music industry.

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Mentoring Categories

Home Studio

Thinking of setting up a home studio to record your songs? Discuss your goals and get some practical advice on your choices.


Looking for some advice on getting started or moving to the next level in videography? You’ll get advice from an industry professional who makes a living as a videographer.


How do I increase my fan base? Learn how to market your music.


Advice on design and colors. Where to go for design.


I’ve finished my song, its mixed and mastered. What is my next step to get it released to the world?

Mentoring - Two people sharing coffee

Find a Mentor

If you are interested in finding a mentor for one of our categories, send us an eMail with “Mentor” as the subject line.

In the eMail body enter the category for which  you need help. Please choose only one category at a time.  We will forward your request to the appropriate mentor. 

Peer Mentoring

What is Peer Mentoring?

Peer Mentoring is where we learn from each other. We all have unique skill sets, strong in some areas, weak in others.   By sharing our experience and knowledge among each other we all learn and progress.

Join the Peer Mentoring Program

Send us an eMail with “Peer Mentoring” as the subject line and enter the program you want to join in the body of the email. We will provide access to private forums where you can meet and contribute.

Peer Mentoring Programs

The Peer Mentoring programs are “member driven”. They will expand depending on what the GMI Hub membership needs.

If you have a need that could be satisfied through Peer Mentoring let us know and we will add it to the list. Our first Peer Mentoring program is Song Feedback.

Active Peer Mentoring Programs

The Song Feedback Peer Mentoring Program provides a forum for you to get some opinions about your songs.

We will connect you with someone who isn’t a family member and doesn’t think it’s magical that you actually wrote a song!

By joining the Song Feedback program you will get feedback about your work from your fellow GMI Hub members and will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on their projects.