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There's a silent killer in the music industry that's having a sinister impact on up-and-coming artists:  fragmentation."

Brittany Hodak, Forbes Magazine 2018

About GMI Hub

Our Mission

Encouraging unity, community, mentorship and talent growth in the music & arts industry

Our Vision

To become an information, networking, referral and connecting source/resource for the gospel music industry and its participants

GMIHub founder, Cheryle Dueck, heard the same thing from gospel music artists travelling to Nashville looking for their big break into the Gospel Music Industry… the industry is not the same as it used to be.

  • Digital has replaced CDs and vinyl
  • Selling albums in a brick and mortar store is now replaced with selling music online.
  • Touring is not as popular as it used to be, there are fewer places to play, especially in the gospel scene.
  • Support from a record label is more or less a thing of the past.

These and other changes have forced a great divide within the music industry.  More and more participants are operating independently. They wonder why their efforts to promote their musical products or services are not as successful or as supported as they expected. They now have to engage with multiple outlets and services to distribute their music, reach their fans, and receive the revenue they deserve.

We need new thought process – a new strategy— to fulfill the musical side of the “great commission”.  And it begins by all parts working together as one.

Cheryle Dueck, Founder, GMI Hub
Cheryle Dueck
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GMI Hub is a  membership-based network, a facilitator, and an information-sharing resource – a place where participants within the gospel music industry can connect to partner and invest in one another to become better and more effective in what we are called to do.

The frame work is there. Our GMI Hub YouTube channel is growing as our weekly webinars are added to our resource catalogue. The mentorship list is in its early stages but we are confident that it will grow as people see the benefits of working together towards a common goal: to be a valued asset to the growth and development of the gospel music industry as a whole and a valued asset to the growth and development of each individual artist.