“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!…For there the Lord bestows His blessing….” Psalm 133:1, 3


Whether a singer, songwriter, dancer, rapper, producer, director, audio or video tech, sound engineer, event organizer, musician, booking agent, or the like, we all share at least one goal–to produce quality output for our potential audiences. Sure we can do what we do independently, but how much more effective would it be if we united our talents together to achieve this goal…..?

Imagine being given a project that requires multiple talents, some of which you are strong in and others which you know others are strong in. Now imagine a team of people with various strengths working together with you on this project….

That is one of the ways we promote unity…by initiating a project with our members that would require a variety of talents to pull it off. This year’s project is a Christmas music compilation which not only requires the talents of singers, songwriters and musicians, but also artists to design the artwork for the “cd”, dancers and/or actors for videos, producers, sound engineers, promoters, and more!

Interested in participating? Find out more here.

This is how we promote unity….and community.

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