Why GMI Hub?

The gospel music industry is so fragmented.  It’s hard to break into if you are not part of the main circle of gospel artists…

That is what founder, Cheryle Dueck, heard from music artistes who were travelling to Nashville for their big break into the Gospel Music Industry…but the industry is not the same as it used to be.

LPs have been replaced with EPs.

Selling albums in a brick and mortar store is now replaced with selling music online.

Touring is not as popular as it used to be as there are fewer places to play one’s music, especially in the gospel scene.

Support from record label is more or less a thing of the past.

Let’s face it—These and other changes have forced a great divide within the music industry.  More and more participants are operating like an island unto themselves and are left wondering why their efforts to promote their musical products or services are not as successful or as supported as they should be.  There needs to be a new thought process –a new strategy— to fulfill the musical “great commission” (so to speak).  And it begins by all parts working together as one.

That is one of the goals of this membership-based hub – to be a network– a place where all participants within the gospel music industry can connect with other participants, to collaborate and partner our various strengths to invest in one another and help each other become better and more effective in what we are called to do.

GMI Hub also aims to be an information-sharing resource, where experts in any particular part of the industry can offer up their expertise to specifically help other participants within the gospel music industry. Yes, this aims to be a place where the elite and successful can share their “golden nuggets” towards success with up-and-coming artists.  We haven’t got all the answers yet, but we certainly will be working towards it.

Finally, where there is a demand or need, GMIHub aims to provide online training in subjects that greatly support and enhance the effectiveness of the gospel music industry. These subjects may include “how to develop a business plan for your music”, “techniques to better your craft”, “tips on keeping your body working optimally so that you can “perform” better”, and of course, “tips from God’s word  to maintain your spiritual connection to Him so that you are more effective and anointed to minister to people.

Interested in becoming a member?  Stay tuned for more details.