The Hub” is the ultimate monthly panel-networking event that gives musicians, singers, songwriters, A/V techs, music directors, producers, concert/event mangers, church leaders and more the opportunity to connect with professionals in or related to the music scene, particularly within the gospel music category. There is a different topic and different panel each month!

So, what is your vision for your art in 2020? Be ready to share your vision and goals, and then lay out an action plan to achieve the vision!


Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Please take a moment to click the link below and complete a survey about The Hub. Your responses will help us better meet your music career success needs.

Thank you!

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  1. Hi Cheryl. It’s Janice Prescott. Hope all is well. Happy new year. My church music dept would like info about performing at Gage park in the summer. Are you in charge of that or have any info please?

    1. Hey Janice! Happy New Year to you as well! So good to hear from you!
      I actually help out with Inspirational Music in the Park on the advertising sponsorship and assistant tech side, but the main person who books the artists is the founder of the event, Lesley Morgan. I am not sure who full her artist bookings are for this coming summer, but if your music team is just interested in being booked, they can try emailing her at

      One surefire way to get booked is for your church to become a “Friend of Inspirational Music in the Park”. This is a sponsorship opportunity in which churches and other ministries can sow a minimum of $200 annually into Inspirational Music in the Park. In return, the church’s name and/or logo with link to the it’s website would be added to’s “Friend…” page, and your music team would be scheduled to on one of the Tuesday nights.

      I hope this helps. Can you remind me of the name of your church? Maybe I can let Lesley know that they will be calling in order to get booked for the summer.


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